English Rose Day School is a happy place where children learn, laugh, and find new friends and adventures every day.

Fun, educational programs for all young children, including Infant, Toddler, Pre-K, Full-Day Kindergarten, Kindergarten Enrichment, Extra year program, Before and After school, School Closure and Summer Camp.

  • Upcoming Events

    4-year old program - Mothers Days Teas -
    May 9th - 1.30pm - Miss Marie's 4-year old students
    May 10th - 1.30pm - Miss Melanie's 4-year old students
    May 11th - 10.30am - Miss Aimee's 4-year old AM students
    May 11th - 1.30pm - Miss Aimee's 4-year old PM students

    Moving Up Ceremony and Picnic - Friday, June 16th - 12.30pm - Miss Melanie and Miss Aimee's 3-year old students

    Graduation - for all 4-year old students and all FD Kindergarten/Extra Year and KE students -

    Tentative Date - Wednesday, June 7th - All School Year End Field Trip to - Field Station Dinosaur Park

    Donuts/Dessert with Dad - Wednesday, June 14th - Miss Melanie and Miss Marie's classes - 9.15am
    Miss Aimee's AM class - 11am and Miss Aimee's PM class - 2.15pm

    Toddlers moving up/celebration Day - Friday, June 30th - Miss Deanna's class 2pm and Miss Denise's class at 2.15pm


    After school activities starting in November 2016!
    - Tumble bus

    2017-2018 Registration

    Registration for 2017 - 2018 school year now open!
    Click here to download 2017-2018 registration form. Ongoing open registration for school year 2017 - 2018 - please call the school to make an appointment to come in and take a tour of our facility!